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Learning more of Rapa Nui Tiki Carvings

June 10, 2024
Rapa Nui Tiki Carvings

Tiki’s Welcomes Rapa Nui Artists: FestPAC 2024

Celebrating Cultural Connections

We are thrilled to welcome Etian Rapu and Michale Pate, our new friends from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), who are visiting us as part of the 13th Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC). They are here to share their incredible heritage and are currently carving a large stone Moai, similar to a Tiki, which they plan to gift to the people of Hawaii. This significant gesture symbolizes the deep cultural connection between our islands.

A Unique Gift

Etian and Michale have also presented us with a beautiful white flag featuring a reimiro, a traditional wooden neck ornament worn by the people of Rapa Nui. Painted in red, the reimiro symbolizes mana (power) and is flanked by two figures representing the Ariki (chiefs, nobles). You might have seen Mike wearing one around his neck, showcasing this meaningful piece of their culture.

Learning About Tiki Carvings

We had the privilege of receiving a quick lesson on their unique style of tiki carvings. The mo‘ai kavakava, originating from the Rapa Nui culture, combines “mo‘ai,” their style of Tikis, and “kavakava,” meaning ribs. These figures depict standing, slightly stooped male humans with lean, defined bodies, reflecting their traditional artistry.

Etian and Michale also shared insights about the paddle carving ‘Ao, the symbol of the King. It was fascinating to learn that they recognized and appreciated the two carvings at our entryway. Additionally, they took the time to admire the modern stylized mo‘ai in the lava tube, linking the past and present in our shared cultural expressions.

FestPAC 2024: Ho’oulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania

Tiki’s is honored to host delegates of the 13th Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture – Hawaiʻi. FestPAC is the world’s largest celebration of indigenous Pacific Islanders, launched in 1972 to halt the erosion of traditional practices. The 13th FestPAC is happening now, from June 6-16, 2024, with the theme “Ho’oulu Lāhui: Regenerating Oceania.” This festival is a vibrant showcase of our shared heritage and an opportunity to regenerate and celebrate our rich cultures.

For more information about FestPAC and the ongoing celebrations, visit FestPAC Hawaii.

Join us in welcoming Etian and Michale and celebrating the spirit of FestPAC!