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Tips For Creating a Tropical Paradise
For many of us, the word "tiki" brings up mental pictures of grass skirts, flowered necklaces, and wooden statues with large heads The tiki theme is all about the South Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands, which tends to accentuate the wilderness and relaxation

Basic Tiki Bar Furniture Tips
Mai Tais, Hurricanes and Rum Runners are all great fruity cocktails and conjure images of tropical paradise, but just serving these drinks won't create that exotic tiki bar atmosphere you're after You've got to have a great place to drink your rum-related beverage of choice

Building a Roof For Your Tiki Hut or Bar
The image of the carefree tiki hut has captured Americans' imaginations since the beginning of the tiki craze in the 1930s Today it is more popular than ever to recreate this look in your own home

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